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The Origins of Borneo Acacia Honey

The unpolluted natural environment here has a history of 140 million years, successfully creating more than half of the animal and plant species on the planet. It has a breath-taking scale and vastness second only to the Amazon rainforest, and is also one of the world’s green lungs.

The island of Borneo has a year-round constant temperature of between 22-28 degrees Celsius; the warm and humid breeze from the ocean perennially brings to the jungle sufficient rainfall.Enjoying desirable geographical location and concerning this natural environment, honey experts found that the environment here is the key to promoting the secretion of honeydew from the buds of Acacia Mangium trees.

BabyPlant Acacia Honey

Enjoying desirable geographical location and growth environment, Borneo has become the world’s largest bee-keeping base stationed inside a forest, with 2 million acres of Acacia Mangium trees continually providing for our purest honey source.

The Acacia Mangium trees growing in this region possess this mysterious power: the five leaves at the tip of each acacia tree are able to secrete rare and precious honeydew which will use to produce the world’s best-quality BabyPlant acacia honey.

Borneo Acacia Honey a raw honey extracted from the buds of Acacia Mangium trees.

Our apiaries stretch a total length of 37 km and are distributed in the depths of distant primitive jungle, breaking the usual traditional way of honey making. The bees and beekeepers do not need to move over and over again just to find available honey sources.They can now keep using the most stable and purest honey source, day-after-day repeating a familiar journey and giving their best for the sake of the most original ecological nutrients. This is our organic “Borneo Acacia Honey”, a raw honey extracted from the buds of Acacia Mangium trees.

Despite building beekeeping bases in the depths of the jungle, we never destroy the ecological environment of the rainforest. In order to allow the continuation of nature’s resource, we follow the example of nature’s self-recovery ability, refilling the natural resources we have accessed, and letting the system go endless

Therefore, during the entire honey production process of Borneo acacia honey, we absolutely prohibit to use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, food additives, as well as prohibiting the use of genetic engineering technology and the relevant products and their derivatives.