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Own unique process of getting honey from the hive

Over the years we have developed our own unique process of getting honey from the hive to our consumers,
and have perfected this method by separating this into three parts.

Bee Keeping and Hives management

  • The first part is concerned with bee keeping and hives management; we still use traditional ways to manage the bees. We are 100% chemical-free in our process, trusting in exemplary cleanliness and the strict replacement of all wax and removable woodwork every two years.
  • We are committed to farming well-bred Italian bees and as a result we suffer very little from disease. We endeavor to extract our honey within four hours of it being taken from the hive and then store it “clean” in low temperature storeroom.

Filtration Process

  • Filtering of honey is routinely used to remove pollen and all visible impurities. At Borneo Acacia we strain though a mesh size that removes visible impurities such as insect parts (bees’ wings, legs etc.) and larger beeswax particles left over from the extraction process but retains all the natural pollen.