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We’re passionate about honey!

Most of our honey varieties come from the South East Asia and Malaysia Borneo Island are produced by small local beekeepers. Our imported organic honey is purchased from cooperatives of small beekeepers who are very concerned about the treatment of their bees and the quality of the honey.

Raw local honey

Raw local honey is the purest form of honey, to put it in simple words; raw honey is the concentrated nectar of plant that comes straight from the extractor. It is unheated, pure, unpasteurized and unprocessed.

Organic Honey

Our organic honey is applied minimum process and pasteurized under low temperature, naturally produced by bees and no additives, preservatives, artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Ingredient Honey

As an ingredient, honey has found its way into a host of manufacturing applications in the Food, Healthcare and Beauty-care industries. We can acquire different honeys and formulate the exact blend, grade and flavor of honey to fit your specific needs.

Bulk Honey

The Borneo Acacia bulk honey division specializes in the bottling and packing of honey in industrial quantities, for use in the catering, food service and general industry. We supply in container sizes from 3.5 kilograms to several tons.

Private Label Honey

Borneo Acacia provides customized private label honey for the retail, grocery and café & bar. Customized grades, blends and floral source honey specifications are available.

Food Services Honey

BBorneo Acacia supplies food services honey to restaurants, bakery institutions and other commercial distributors of precooked food with premium honey – in portion packs and quantities that suit your needs.