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Borneo Acacia Distributor & Reseller

Are you an existing health products distributor or organic shop owner, or looking for a fantastic business opportunity? Borneo Acacia are looking for resellers both in Malaysia and internationally. Borneo Acacia provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

Become Borneo Acacia Distributor & Reseller!

Borneo Acacia Reseller Program enables our resellers or distributors to make high profits by selling Borneo Acacia organic honey products using their own marketing channels.

We are interested in distributing our organic honey products through resellers or distributors focused on specific countries or regions. Sales volumes and commitments to promote Borneo Acacia are the key factors in determining partnerships.

  • Retail/Dealer/Reseller

    Key regions are available for major retailers who order larger quantities of a single product or a range of Borneo Acacia honey products for selling through offline or online channels to your customers.

  • Internet dealer/Social Media Marketer

    Use your existing online store (or we can help you build a store) to sell your favourite Borneo Acacia honey products.

  • Practitioner

    Ideal if you are a health related therapist wishing to offer your clients a range of quality products.