2 Bottle Bentong Ginger Honey
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Bentong Ginger Honey is one of the greatest herbs or ingredients used for thousands of years for its healing and medicinal properties. The name "Bentong" come from a name of a small town in Pahang, Malaysia. It is a well known in Malaysia that Bentong Ginger has the most aroma, taste, health benefits and command very high value compare to the normal ginger. Premium Bentong Ginger Honey can be used in cakes, biscuits and various sources, drinks and condiments.

Brand: Bornoe Acacia

Country of Origin: Malaysia

100% raw active babyplant honey and Bentong ginger king

Nutritional Benefits : 

  • Helps reduce symptoms of asthma
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help against infections
  • Helps with a healthy heart
  • Combats stomach problems
  • Aids women in dealing with menstruation pains
  • Anti-cancer benefits
  • Assist in dealing with the side effects of chemotherapy

How to use: A natural sweetener for beverages & cereals, cooking and baking purposes.

Size: 500g x 2 bottle

Warnings:Not suitable for infants under two year of age.

* Store in a cool, dry place. No need to refrigerate once opened.

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