The easiest way to start an online business ,connect with your social media pages, and start earning money.

Are you an existing health products distributor or organic shop owner, or looking for a fantastic business opportunity? Borneo Acacia are looking for franchisees both in Malaysia and internationally. Borneo Acacia provides a broad range of opportunities for distribution partners to meet the specific market needs of any client.

This is the world’s first internet franchise store with 2 tier level commission that allows anyone to develop eCommerce business and own a small franchisee network. Upon signing up for our automation marketing business kit RM40 monthly subscription, we will give you control of a automation marketing website that is created by us but personalized to you.

How It Work?

Automation Marketing,Resources,Payment Gateway,Delivery & Support

borneo's natural honey

Step 1:Sign Up

Sign up online franchise at borneo acacia store. Set your own username and password, and complete the appropriate payment.

Step 2:Website

Upon signing up for our online franchise plan, we will give you control of a website that is maintained by us but personalized to you.

Step 3:Share

Share your website content and link to your friend and family, to let them know benefits of borneo’s rainforest honey.

Step 4:Earn

This means that you will earn 18% commissions for every sale you refer + 10% for all sales generated via your sub-franchisee.

What’s So Special About BAE System Franchise?

  • Hassle Free
  • No Large Capital Investment
  • No IT Knowledge Required
  • No Age Limit
  • Strong Go to Marketing Support
  • Support & Sales Training
  • Repeat Customer
  • 2-Tier Commission Program
  • Low Risk & High Profit
  • Proven EBusiness Model