2 tier commission system is by far a hassle-free way to earn passive income without going through head ache of website creation, maintenance and content marketing, products, delivery and other after sales services.

Our 2 tier commission marketing plan is one of the best on the market, and now we’re making it even better. We’re glad to remind you about our 2nd tier commission system. This means that you will earn 18% commissions for every sale you refer + 10% for all sales generated via your own referrals/sub-franchisee.

2nd Tier Commission Structure

  • 1st Tier = 18% commissions on all direct sales generated from your referrals
  • 2nd Tier = 10% commissions on your sub-franchisee referrals

How It Work?

So, if the users you refer to us, become our franchisees, you will get 10% commissions from all their sales. Now you have even more reasons to promote our products and grow your earnings. Even a small number of 2nd tier affiliates can bring you a lot more profit.

Example: You referred 500 users to our site via your franchise website links. 125 of these users bought promotion raw honey pack each, and you got 18% commissions from the total amount of payments ((RM86*125)*0.18)=RM1935(18% Commission). Other 80 users became our franchisees and referred 1 sale each (promotion pack), you got 10% commissions from these sales ((RM86*80)*0.10)=RM688. Your total amount of earnings is RM1935 + RM688 = RM2623

It’s also important to note that our 2 tier commission marketing plan is valid for all honey products. Only 1 sale of our Borneo’s Rainforest raw active honey pack can bring you RM 15.48. A simple math calculation shows that earning RM2.5k per month is not so hard to achieve